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“Since 1990 I have dedicated my career, to researching and learning everything there is to know about pterygium. As an eye surgeon I was appalled at the fact 1 in 10 patients would need surgery again, and again. My blog and website are designed to inform you of the risks, realities and why a recurrence rate of 1 in 2000 should be the only standard you accept for your eyes.”
– Professor Lawrence Hirst

What is an adjuvant in the surgery for pterygium?

2 Feb 2017

An adjuvant is an “additional” treatment given at the same time as surgery, or even before or after surgery. It is almost always used on the basis that it will reduce the likelihood of the pterygium coming back (i.e. recurrence) compared to using the surgery alone without adjuvants.


The five principles that a customer should expect from a surgeon

1 Feb 2017

As a surgeon, lawyer or any other consultant delivering a service we have to remember one thing, without patients/clients/customers we cannot make a living. We are not entitled to treat patients. Our training has made us responsible for treating patients. Also treatment is not limited to purely the surgery.


Diary of the disruptor – How a surgeon developed a cutting edge procedure

12 Dec 2016

There is usually a reason behind why we do things....and I am no different. My interest in pterygium surgery was a result of an apparent lack of understanding of how badly the existing surgeries performed. As well my decision to pursue an ethical and considerate medical practice resulted from a very sad episode in my early medical career.