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Recovery from P.E.R.F.E.C.T. for Pterygium surgery

When the anaesthetic wears off, there will be pain for a day or so, there is some double vision looking in the direction opposite to the side of the pterygium, i.e. a pterygium on the nose side of the right eye will result in some double vision looking to the left, for a few days and up to one or two weeks, which may significantly interfere with, or prevent working or driving.

For the first day or two you will need to take pain-killing tablets such as Panadeine®, Panadeine forte® or Mersyndol forte®**.

The eye will be red and gritty for 3 or 4 weeks, drops will be used for over two months and the patient will need to be followed approximately 2 or 3 times over the ensuing year. 

You will have to keep the eye very clean and covered with a sterile patch, whenever you are having a bath or a shower, or are in a dirty environment for about 3 weeks. The risk period for infection is the first three weeks or so. You should avoid swimming for about 4-5 weeks. 

Some blood-tinging of tears for 2-3 weeks is not unusual and should not be a cause for alarm. 

You will be on intensive drops (steroids) for nine weeks and antibiotic drops for one week.

You will need to report any worsening of pain, vision or redness immediately.

** (Tablets Panadeine forte/Sanof-Aventis or Mersyndol forte/Aventis – Pharma.)