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Risks of pterygium surgery

Complications are infrequent after this type of surgery but include:

* 1 in 400 risk of cyst, proud flesh or infection which could require further surgery

* 1 in 500 risk of persistent double vision requiring surgery on the muscle of the eye

* 1 in 500 of the graft tissue not settling in ie remaining red and inflamed and having to be replaced

* 1 in 1000 risk of a drooping eyelid requiring further surgery

* 1 in many thousand risk of losing all useful vision in an eye as a result of an uncontrolled infection or a perforation of the eye

When a recurrent pterygium is removed i.e. that is one that has been removed previously by other surgeons, there is an increased risk of persistent double vision.  This could require further surgery to correct the situation.