Home of P.E.R.F.E.C.T. for PTERYGIUM®

Pledge from the surgeon

We will respect your concerns, needs and person.

We will listen carefully to you and respond to your needs and concerns.

We will not trivialise your needs and concerns.

We will examine your eyes carefully and thoroughly and not unnecessarily inconvenience or hurt you.

We understand that your eyes are amongst the most important of your senses and will do all we can to preserve your vision.

Above all we are here as your servant to only do what you want us to do, not more and not less.

We will talk to you honestly, without deceit or exaggeration, and without ulterior motives.

We will always strive to do our best for you.

Your needs, during the time of your consultation and surgery, are more important to us than the needs of any other patient, and you will have our absolute attention and time.

Specifically, unless prevented by events beyond our control:

  • We will see you within 30 minutes of your first and return appointment times or you will be charged Medicare only with no out-of-pocket costs, unless you arrive late or are unwell.
  • We will see you within 15 minutes of your first post-operative appointment time.
  • We will have you leave our rooms within 1½ hours from your first appointment time or you will have no out-of-pocket costs for this consultation (excluding situations where you arrive late, or you are unwell and need time to recover).
  • We will personally answer any call from you within the first week after surgery about concerns, as long as we are in Australia.
  • We will organise cover by another ophthalmologist if we are out of Australia in the first week after your surgery.
  • We will ensure that you have no out-of-pocket costs for any surgery subsequent to your pterygium surgery as long as the need for this additional surgery is related directly to our pterygium surgery and is within one year of the original surgery (any travel, accommodation, loss of income, inconvenience, incidental costs, or compensation for pain and suffering or visual loss are excluded from this pledge) to a maximum total of $10,000 of out-of-pocket costs. ( this offer is not available to overseas patients or Australians not covered by Medicare).
  • We will follow you as long as necessary until your condition is stable before transferring you back to your original referral source.